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Ceclor is an antibiotic, whose effect is aimed at the treatment of kidney and urinary tract diseases. The drug has granular form and is taken orally. Special suspension is made of the granules.

The drug has a strong antibacterial effect and a narrow-focused microbicidal action.

Ceclor can be used for the treatment of many diseases. Its main focus it the treatment of inflammatory processes in the human body. The drug can be prescribed by the doctor in case of inflammation or acute infections.

Ceclor is most commonly used for the treatment of the following diseases:

  • Infectious or inflammatory processes of upper and lower respiratory tract;
  • Ear, throat and nose infections; sinusitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis;
  • Diseases of the urinary system, kidney and urogenital system inflammations (cystitis, pyelonephritis and bladder infection);
  • Skin and soft tissues infections.

The use of this drug has some contraindications. If you note the first symptoms of the following diseases, stop taking Ceclor. These symptoms include: allergic reaction to the active substance of the drug; hypersensitivity to antibiotic. Don’t take the drug if you suffer from hemorrhagic syndrome or leucopenia, during pregnancy and lactation.

The dosage of this drug must be prescribed individually. Take Ceclor only on the doctor’s prescription. The condition of the patient, severity of disease must be taken into account. Besides, the doctor must take into account an individual sensitivity of each patient to the active components of antibiotic.

The drug can have different adverse effects: allergic reactions in the form of skin itching, weakened condition and faints, itching in the sexual organs, increased during urination and urticaria; other possible adverse reactions include: for the nervous system- vertigo, insomnia and anxiety; kidneys and urinary system- vaginitis; kidney failure, dysuria and interstitial nephritis; for the digestive system- lack of appetite, constipation and vomiting during meals.

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