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Cefaclor information


Antibiotics have long been used in the fight against different kinds of infectious diseases. There would be much more lethal cases in medicine without them. Cefaclor (instruction for its use will be presented below) is one of these drugs.

You can buy the presented medicine in different forms. In the instruction for its use of Cefaclor you will read that the drug is available in the following forms:

  • 1) pills (the maximum concentration of main component is 500 mg);
  • 2) dragee (this pharmaceutical form implies different dosage of Cefaclor- 375, 500 or 750 mg);
  • 3) capsules (where the concentration of active substance can be also different- 250 or 500 mg);
  • 4) powder or granules;
  • 5) suspension for the oral intake (5 ml of this substance contain 125 or 250 mg of Cefaclor).

If you need to buy Cefaclor, instruction for use will help you to find out that its effective in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. Doctors also prescribe this drug to the patients with acute infections.

Indications for use:

  • Nasal, throat and ear infections;
  • Infectious processes in upper and lower respiratory tract;
  • Pharyngitis, tonsillitis and sinusitis;
  • Urinary system diseases (pyelonephritis and cystistis);
  • Skin and soft tissue infections;
  • Osteomyelitis;
  • Endometritis;
  • Blood infection.

When should you avoid using this drug? If your doctor prescribed you Cefaclor, be sure to read the instruction for use, as the drug has some contraindications, which you have to keep in mind:

Hypersenitivity to some components or even active substance of the drug; allergic reaction to Cefaclor; haemorrhagic syndrome; pregnancy and lactation; leucopenia. There are also some restrictions on use, such as infancy, chronic renal failure, serious allergies and bronchial asthma.

The drug can cause some adverse effects. CNS: sleep disorder, vertigo, agitation, anxiety, confusion and hallucinations. Allergic reactions: skin or sexual organ infection, rush, shortness of breath, allergic conjunctivitis, faint, urticaria and anaphylactic shock. Urinary system: nephritis, dysuria, renal failure. GI: constipation or diarrhea, sickness and vomiting, enterocolitis, lack of appetite, stomachache and hepatitis. Hematopoietic system: neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, bleeding and anemia.

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